Facebook Feature “People Talking About This”

I am sure by now you have all noticed the “People Talking About This” feature on Facebook?  This was introduced in October, however, there are still so many people think it remains a bit of a mystery as to how it actually works. Too often a client will ask me if this means it is the number that relates to the people who are talking about their business and to be fair, the feature’s name would lead us to assume this.  In reality, the metric is set up to count the direct interactions with the individual page, within a 7 day period. Knowing this information and what makes ‘your’ fans engage, will improve the page owners overall online marketing efforts. 


A number of unique users who have created a “story” (appears on news feed) about a page in a seven-day period. Users create stories when they:

  • Like a Facebook Page
  • They post on a page wall
  • Like, share or comment on a post
  • Answer a page question
  • Mention another page (using the @ tag)
  • Tag a page in a pic
  • Check in to a page
  • Write a recommendation

Each time an individual takes one of these actions mentioned above this will go on to count as the amount of”People Talking About This”.   Unfortunately if a fan leaves more than one comment or both likes and shares a post within the 7 day period, it only counts once. 😦



You can find out how many “People are talking about this” on ‘your’ page underneath your Company name. (See Above) 


Early Bird Social Media views this particular Facebook feature as an extremely powerful and important metric because it emphasises interactions beyond an initial Facebook Like.  It is in spending time with the fine details and creating posts that your fans both enjoy and benefit that increases customer engagement and customer loyalty. Pages that focus primarily on gaining Likes without an engagement strategy will only suffer from the disparity between the number of Likes and People Talking About This.

So how many “people are talking about you”?  Have you ever wondered why another page with so many likes have less people talking?  It’s simple, there is less interaction.  So if you are anything like me, when you see this number go down, you ACT!!

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